Takeaway Menus

Pane e Vino are now able to offer their quality Italian food direct to your door. Offering the first true Italian takeaway service in Fife. Deliveries through out the Kirkcaldy area. The pleasure of Fife`s favourite Italian direct to your door.

Takeaway Menu - Home Delivery anywhere in the Kirkcaldy Area - Call 01592 200050


Pizza Bread 4.95
(With Garlic & Cheese Or Tomato & Chilli)

Garlic Bread 1.45

Bruschetta 2.25
(Garlic Bread with Freshly Chopped Tomatoes & Basil)

Garlic Bread Supreme 2.25
(Garlic Bread Mozzarella Cheese)

Bowl of Olives 1.95

Gamberoni All`Aglio 6.00
(King Prawns, Garlic & Lemons)

Prawn Cocktail 5.50

Funghi Fritti 5.00
(Deep Fried Mushrooms Served with a Garlic Dip)

Minestrone Soup 3.25
(Fresh Italian Vegetable Soup)

Scampi Soup 4.35
(Scampi, With Tomato Base - Very Special)

Sirloin Steak

8oz Peppered Sirloin Steak 9.95
(Served With French Fries & Vegatables)
* Please State How You Would Like Your Steak Cooked ***

8oz Sirloin Steak Pizzaiola 9.95
(Tomato, Garlic, Wine & hereb Sauce, Served With French Fries & Vegatables)
* Please State How You Would Like Your Steak Cooked ***

If you wish anything from our restaurant menu we can also deliver fresh to your door.

All meals from our Restaurant menu are will be priced 20% less when ordered as takeaway.


Food Allergies And Intolerances

Before Ordering Please Speak To Our

Staff About Your Requirements.

Risotti (Rice)

Risotto Di Mare 7.25
(Mixed Seafood)

Risotto Con Pollo E Funghi 6.95
(Chicken, Mushrooms & Cream)

Risotto Primavera 6.95
(Cream & Vegetables)


Pizza (All Bases with Cheese & Tomato)

Margherita 6.00
(Cheese & Tomato)

Napoletana 6.95
(Black Olives & Anchovies)

Funghi 6.95

Pollo e Funghi 6.95
(Chicken & Mushroom)

Tonno e Cipolla 6.95
(Tuna & Onions)

Regina 6.95
(Sweet Corn & Chicken)

Cardinale 6.95
(Ham & Mushroom)

Pescatora 7.25

Tropicana 6.95
(Ham & Pineapple)

Vegetariano 6.95

Calabrese 6.95
(Hot Sausage)

Calzone 8.90
(House Speciality )

Campagnola 6.95
(Cheese, Tomato, Garlic, Sliced Fresh Tomatoes & Herbs)

Pizza Della Nonna 6.95
(Blue Cheese & Salami)

Rustica 6.95
(Sliced Potato, Hot Sausage & Mixed Peppers)

Pizza Chorizo 6.95
(Red Onion, Chill & Chorizo Sausage)

Pollo E Pancetta 6.95
(Chicken & Bacon)

Diavola 6.95
(Chicken, Mixed Peppers & Chilli)


Pollo Pepe 9.50
(Chicken In Pepper Sauce Served With Chips & Vegtables)

Pollo Funghi E Crema 9.50
(Chicken In Mushroom & Cream Sauce Served With Chips & Vegtables)

Beer Battered Fish & Chips 5.45
(Cooked In Vegetable Oil)


Spaghetti Napoletana 5.95
(Tomato Sauce)

Spaghetti Bolognese 6.95
(Meat & Tomato)

Spaghetti Allo Scoglio 7.25
(Rich Fresh Seafood in a Garlic White Wine & Tomato Sauce. Very Aphrodisac)

Spaghetti Carbonara 6.95
(Cream Sauce, Bacon, Egg & Cheese)

Spaghetti All`Americano 6.95
(Spaghetti with Meat Balls. House Speciality)

Penne Piccante 6.95
(Tomato & Chilli)

Penne Funghi Crema 6.95
(Mushroom & Cream Sauce)

Penne Della Casa 6.95
(Penne Pasta served in a Tomato Bolognese Cream, Pepperoni & Mushroom Sauce)

Penne Al Salmone 6.95
(Smoked Salmon, Vodka & Cream)

Penne Chorizo Arrabiata 6.95
(Penne Pasta served in a spaicy sauce made with Red Onion, Red Wine, Garlic, chilli aand Chorizo Sausage) 

Tagliatelle Alla Genovese 6.95
(The True Pesto Recipe from Genoa: Pesto, Green Beans, Potatoes & Cream)

Tagliatelle Alfredo 6.95
(Ham, Mushrooms & Cream)

Lasagne Al Forne 6.95
(Homemade Lasagne)

Rigatoni Caprese 6.95
(Mozzarella, Freshly Chopped Tomatoes & Fresh Basil)

Rigatoni Sofia Loren 6.95
(Sausage, Mixed Pepper & Chilli in a Tomato & Garlic Sauce)

Fusilli Alla Vodka 6.95
(Tomato, Cream, Ham & Vodka)

Rigatoni Alla Amatriciana 6.95
(A Touch of White Wine, Onions, Tomato and Bacon) 

Fusilli Alla Ortolana 6.95
(A Touch of White Wine, Peas, Mushrooms, Onions & Butter)

Cannelloni Di Carne 6.95
(Tunbes of Pasta Suffed with Minced Meat & Covered with a Tomato & Bechemal Sauce)

(Side Orders)

Anelli De Cipolle 2.00
(Onion Rings)

Spinaci 1.95

Patatine Fritte 1.95
(French Fries)

Mixed Salad 2.45


Chocolate Profiteroles 2.45

Cheese Cake 2.45